Monday, April 6, 2009

Why do Women button from the left men from the right

Have you ever wondered why women button their clothing from left to right and men from right to left? Men generally dressed themselves, and since most were right-handed, it only made sense for buttons to be sewn on the right-hand side. Women who could afford buttons at the time had hand maidens who were mostly right-handed, so buttons were sewn on the left. The tailors of the time were accustomed to this and fashioned men's and women's clothing accordingly. The placing of buttons on the left for women and the right for men remains in place today.


  1. I came from Betty´s blog and think you have a very gifted, beautiful daughter! I´m amazed at your profile description. Nine kids! That takes courage.
    Great post also! Didn´t know that about the buttons.

  2. Wow! I love learning new little facts! I always wondered and now I know!

    Coming over from Betty's too! You raised one beautiful daughter! She is amazing! I just wish I could meet her in real life now! LOL